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Extortion Overview

The Hobbs Act of 1946 makes it criminal to rob or extort on the pretext of interstate or international business. Corruption and business conflicts seldom use the Hobbs Act’s extortion laws.

Coercion in Many Forms

In certain cases, those who believe they can gain money by fooling celebrities may turn to extortion. Extortion is a crime committed by organised crime organisations in several countries. Blackmail is a sort of extortion that involves the threat of disclosing harmful information about the victim as a form of extortion. Extortion has risen in recent years owing to fast technological advancement. Cyber extortion schemes targeting hundreds of enterprises may target small corporations paying local mobsters “protection money.” Ransomware, which encrypts files and holds them hostage until a Bitcoin ransom is paid, is more frequent with smaller files. In case of any  الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.

Large-scale cyber extortion schemes have targeted many nations.

Extortion cases:

WannaCry ransomware assaults infected tens of thousands of machines in May of last year. A severe disturbance in the Russian car industry and major interruptions in hospitals and schools in Taiwan and the UK.

Cyber extortionists utilised a hacking software to trick thousands of people into opening malware attachments disguised as normal files. Self-replicating viruses (or “worms”) infected any susceptible devices left on the network. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.


That it might exploit significant security flaws in Windows systems that Microsoft rectified in Windows 2017 made it more hazardous.

Investigators believe the assault targeted Microsoft security patches or out-of-date software on workstations.

They demanded money to regain control of the damaged systems. They requested $300 in Bitcoin at first, then $600 per compromised machine. Similar ransomware hit the Colonial oil pipeline, the US’s biggest petroleum pipeline. Ransomware attacks led Colonial System to shut down its entire pipeline in 2021. The cyber collective DarkSide is responsible for the assault, which was carried out for financial gain rather than political gain. Colonial paid $75 bitcoins (or $4.4 million) to end the assault. The DOJ recovered 64 of the 75.6 bitcoins stolen.

What is extortion in law?

Extortion is the use of force or threat of force to get money or other valuables from someone. Extortion is a crime against property or a theft-related violation in several countries. Some examples include harming one’s health or money, destroying property, or abusing government authority.

What is extortion in the perspective of the law?

Extortion is a crime that may be prosecuted by both corporations and individuals. As a consequence, rather than the whole firm, a single individual would be held accountable. The corporation may be fined.

What are the most prevalent means of proving extortion?

For the Hobbs Act to be regarded as extortion by the Department of Justice, four conditions must be met.


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