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How Do Clear Braces Work to Straighten Your Teeth?

People having the teeth misalignment problem have to suffer several problems. One of the biggest problems they experience is inappropriateness in their smile and another is food getting easily stuck in the teeth. There are other problems too which people suffer due to teeth misalignment. Although the traditional braces treatment is effective in teeth straightening, many people are going for the clear braces treatment. This treatment uses modern technology for teeth straightening. Clear dental aligners are also found to be more comfortable during the entire treatment process.

What are the problems associated with the traditional braces treatment?

There are some minor problems associated with the clear aligners treatment which is more associated with the uncomfortable during the treatment process.

Here are some problems associated with traditional braces treatment:

  1. Easily viewed

The traditional metal braces are made of metal. So while smiling or talking, the metal brackets and archwires are easily observed by other people. This makes the smile look inappropriate that makes the person avoid openly smiling and talk cautiously to protect braces from being easily viewed.

  1. Difficult to clean braces and teeth

Traditional braces cannot be removed by the person wearing them. This makes it difficult to clean the braces where the food particles might get stuck up. Also, it is difficult to brush teeth when there are braces put on the teeth. This can lead to the development of the plaque on the teeth causing tooth decay later.

  1. Discomfort

Traditional metal braces cause a little irritation inside the mouth. It also affects the speech of the individual that causes discomfort to the person.

  1. Takes a little longer duration

Traditional metal braces take a little longer duration for the treatment process. Most people desire to get faster results for teeth straightening.

Due to several problems in the metal braces, many people now prefer clear braces treatment. This type of treatment is very effective in giving nice teeth straightening.

How does the clear braces treatment work to straighten the teeth?

While getting the clear braces treatment, proper steps will be followed for straitening the teeth.

Here are some simple steps to straighten teeth with simple clear braces treatment:

  1. Initial consultation

During the first visit, the Orthodontist evaluates the teeth position properly. Here, proper photographs and X-rays will be taken to get the proper view of the teeth alignment. During this visit, bite registration and teeth impression will be taken.

  1. Opting for the treatment type

After evaluation of the treatment, you need to choose the treatment option as per the feasibility suggested by the expert. If you have a proper teeth alignment then you can go for the clear dental aligners. Here, the Orthodontist will also talk about the cost of the treatment and planning for the treatment process.

  1. Putting the clear aligners in the mouth

After the approval of the treatment plan, the Orthodontist will give the relevant information to the makers of the clear aligners. The initial set of the aligners will fit properly on the teeth and be fitted to make the teeth move in the desired direction.

  1. Follow-up of the appointments

After putting the initial set of the clear aligners, you need to visit the follow-up appointment with the Orthodontist. During this visit, your teeth position will be evaluated to check the treatment effects. Another important aspect will be changing the clear aligners sets. These clear aligner set will move the teeth from the current position to the further desired position to get proper teeth alignment.

  1. Removal of the clear dental aligners

The treatment process will long for around 18 to 24 months period. During this period, there will be changing of the aligner set after an interval of about 3 to 4 weeks as per the appointment given. After ensuring that the teeth alignment is proper, Orthodontist will remove the aligners. At this point, the teeth straightening would have been achieved.

What aftercare to take after the removal of the clear aligners?

In order to ensure that the teeth position does not change after the removal of the clear aligners, Orthodontist will suggest a few aftercare tips.

Here are some after-care tips to take for few days after the removal of clear aligners:

– You may be suggested to put the retainers to hold the teeth position intact.

– Avoid eating hard food items to ensure that the new teeth position does not change.

– Doing flossing and brushing activity gently.

– Avoid eating chewy food items.

These are the simple methods where the clear braces treatment works to achieve teeth straightening. Clear dental aligners are an effective way of achieving teeth straightening properly.

Expert Opinion:

Clear braces treatment is an effective way to treat the teeth misalignment problem and achieve proper teeth alignment. With clear dental aligners, you can achieve more comfort during the entire treatment process.

Meta Description:

The clear braces treatment has the ability to achieve teeth straightening with more comfort compared to other treatment processes. Visit Sabka dentist to get quality clear dental aligners to achieve teeth straightening.

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