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Want to Get Rid of Wrinkles? Treatment and prevention Guide 2021

Wrinkles are also termed rhytides. These folds appear in your skin, Your skin starts producing less amount of collagen and elastin as you get older. It makes your skin less resistant to any sort of damage by thinning it.

Certain toxins, dehydration, and environmental exposure make your face vulnerable to developing wrinkles. They are natural and a part of age progress. Many people are worried about developing wrinkles.

There are some home remedies that can help you to slow the process of getting wrinkles naturally. We hope these home remedies will help you to slow the aging signs on your face.

Wear Sunscreen

Most people have information about the advantages of wearing sunscreen. Try to wear sunscreen in combination with a sun protection factor (SPF). It helps you to be protected from skin cancer. A study conducted in 2013 reported that sunscreen helps to delay aging signs.

People may already wear sunscreen before going to the beach and use a moisturizer on their face daily. Make it your habit to get benefits for your skin for a longer time period.

Try To Use Sugar In Less Amount

The medical community is trying to get more information about the impacts of sugar on your health. Sugar present in your body proceeds a process termed glycation. You should know that advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are not considered good for your skin.

AGEs work to break down collagen present in your body. They can make an individual look older over time. AGEs are associated with the methods of food preparation like frying and grilling. Limit sugar intake and the foods rich in the oil help your face to maintain a youthful shape.

Inhibit Smoking

Smoking is not good for health for many reasons. People do not have any idea that it can age the face of an individual prematurely. One study conducted on identical twins reported that they compared two identical twins.

One had a smoking habit while the other was not a smoker. The study reported that smoking had clearly affected the face of individuals who had this habit. Try to avoid secondhand smoke. The reason is that it enhances the risks for developing lung cancers and many other forms of cancer.

It can also lead to other health diseases. If you want to prevent hurting your skin, try to quit smoking.

Coconut Oil

You can use coconut oil as a natural emollient. It means, when you apply it to your dry skin, it starts filling the gaps present in the epidermis. In this way, your skin becomes smooth. Show love to your skin by applying coconut oil. It helps your skin to retain a good amount of moisture.

Boosting Beta Carotene

There is an ongoing debate in the medical field on why and how beta carotenes protect the damage to your skin by preventing it from ultraviolet light. Retinol and beta carotene are used in the anti-wrinkle creams as ingredients. People purchase these creams from the market.

Lemon Balm Leaf Tea

Using lemon balm leaf tea is a good strategy to fight wrinkles present on your skin. A study compared a sample of individuals who drink lemon balm leaf tea with the ones who don’t drink it. This study reported that drinking lemon balm leaf tea helps to make skin elastic.

It also repairs damaged tissues present in your skin. You can drink this tea two times a day to get good results.

Alter Your Sleep Position

Some face wrinkling can be the cause of a specific sleep position. You can call it ‘compression’. If you press your face daily in the same way against the pillow, it can cause wrinkles on your face. This compression makes your skin weak from that compressed area.

Try to sleep on your back. Change sleep positions daily to avoid skin compression.

Wash Your Face Daily

Take an additional four to five minutes to wash your face at the time of night. It will never be a wastage of time because it cleans your skin. When you leave makeup for a night on your skin, it starts absorbing it. Most cosmetics have harsh chemicals.

These chemicals put oxidative stress on your skin. Do not scrub your face vigorously. If you want to clean your skin, use a wipe that is water-based. After this, finish face wash using cold water.

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