Vermont Organics Vermont Clay Bar Soap - 3.25 oz.

Vermont Clay Soap is similar to bar soaps made with French Green Clay. It has a smooth creamy lather and an astringent (pore closing) effect on your skin. Clay soaps are very good for oily skin and to reduce “sheening” (excessive oil production) on the face. Normal skin people (medium pores) appreciate clay for its conditioning effects when used occasionally for the face. Clay soap is useful for poison oak, sumac and ivy (oil based skin irritants), however I would recommend Plant Itch Fast Relief instead, which has been specifically formulated for minimizing the irritation from these plants.

There are a lot of claims out there about the use of clay in soap. It is said to be de-toxifying for example. I would definitely recommend using Vermont Clay Soap after a cleansing fast and a sauna/sweat to dry out and close down those oily pores. I am less certain of its detoxifying effects when used for normal everyday. Claims by other company’s that clay soap stimulates blood flow or makes your skin glow seem a bit…creative to me.

Use Vermont Clay Soap because it feels good on your oily or combination skin, after sweating profusely, and to lessen the effects of occasional mild acne outbreaks. You will love the creamy feel and silky lather that good quality clay imparts to soap products. Excellent for shiny face syndrome (which may indicate an irritant such as detergent chemicals is affecting your facial secretions) and to smooth and polish normal skin complexions. This product is unscented, so oily skinned asthmatics should really appreciate it. We have found that the clay does shorten the shelf life of natural bar soaps so please use it up soon after you receive your order. We give Vermont Clay Soap a nominal two year shelf life rather than the three plus years we usually get from our bar soaps. Discard when it no longer smells fresh and clean.

Saponified organic oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, pure Vermont green clay, and rosemary extract



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