Tela Beauty Organics High Gloss Elixer for Shine and Style - 2 oz.

Our High Gloss Elixer for Shine and Style, from Tela Beauty Organicsis a USDA Certified Organic hair polisher and pomade lubricates parched, brittle strands and soothes dry itchy scalp. Coconut, Acai and Argan oils provide intense moisture to restore luster, particularly for highly textured hair suffering from overexposure to the sun, chemical processing and excessive heat styling.

Creates brilliant shine and silky touch. Eliminates frizz. Mends split ends and replenishes natural oils. Provides thermal styling protection. Detangles and deeply moisturizes. Infused with USDA Certified Organic oils to provide hydration. 


Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi

Extremely concentrated; use sparingly! Lightly tap a very small amount onto fingertip and distribute to other fingertips.

Apply to hair or scalp as desired. for superior heat protection prior to flat ironing and curling iron sessions. Groom for kinky curl types to separate curls, add hydration, shine and eliminate frizz.


Chinese Foxglove, Ku Shen, Reishi Mushroom, Milk Thistle & Wolfberry


Apricot, Burdock Root, Bilberry Extract, Bupleurum, Carrot, Chrysanthemum, Chinese Orchid, Chinese Giant Knotweed, Dandelion, Dong Quai, Fig, Fo-Ti, Forsythia, Ginko Biloba, Grape, Green Tea, Horsetail, Kiwi, Ku Shen, Licorice, Milk Thistle, Milk Vetch, Mongolia Oak, Oolong Tea, Pine Bark, Plum, Pomegranate, Reishi Mushroom, Rhodiola, Solomon’s Seal, Tangerine, Tomato, Water Celery, White Tea, Wolfberry.

Tela Signature Fragrance:

USDA Certified Organic Lavender.

All Tela organic hair and organic skin products are lush with organic antioxidants, super fruits, strengthening proteins, anti-irritants, weightless moisturizers, sun protection and anti-color fade ingredients to nourish and improve the scalp, protect against heat and color fade and to restore damaged sites in the hair.

Hair is left feeling silky and healthy with weightless body and vibrant shine.




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