Homemade Betty Organic Baby Body Butter - 8 oz.

Homemade Betty

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Our Special Whipped Baby Body Butter from Homemade Betty is one of the richest & unique baby lotions out there.

Hand crafted in small batches & using only 100% Organic, Vegan & Fair trade ingredients.

Made with rich Organic Raw Shea Butter , Organic Un-Refined Coconut Oil, Organic Baobab Oil..that's it!

Some of the amazing benefits from this Body Butter -

~Protects baby's sensitive skin
~Protects against diaper rash
~Heals diaper rash
~Great for Baby massages
~Improves & Heals Eczema
~Protects skin during wind, cold & heat

Great gift for Moms, Crunchy & Green moms & babies with sensitive skin.

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About Homemade Betty

Homemade Betty is a 100% Organic, Fair Trade & Vegan Company. We make everything in small batches & with only transparent ingredients . I dedicate myself in finding the best ingredients and suppliers to find wholesome and beautiful ingredients. All of our products are made from scratch and made to order. It is made once the order comes in so nothing is sitting on shelves.

I am very proud of my products! I am constantly doing  research to make sure not only the products are free of harmful chemicals but also that each essential oil & ingredients that I put in our products are fresh and wont disturb your skin.

I started making my products for my children and myself. I was worried about all the products that were going on their body! I started making lotion and never turned back. Every product that I make is something I or my family uses daily.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and let me know what you think!Thank you so much for taking a look & have a wonderful day   

With Love, 

Homemade Betty

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