Hercules Beard & Body Soap - 5 oz.

A truly wonderfully versatile product from the Hercules Beard Company that does a great job conditioning your Body and your Beard!

Get a grip on your beard-cleansing routine with this solid brick of conditioning soap. Bentonite clay draws impurities out of your skin while oatmeal soothes and softens.

Complex peppermint and cinnamon leaf notes awaken your senses to put you at the ready for your day.

Don’t forget to lather up—this soap is also ideal for shaving. Bentonite clay acts as a natural lubricant to help razors glide with ease.

Beard & Body Soap only gets better the longer it cures. Each bar is aged a minimum of 10 weeks to ensure a rich, creamy lather and longer-lasting bar. 

Saponified oils of soybean, olive, coconut, shea butter, and castor, peppermint essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, powdered oats, bentonite clay.

*This soap is handmade and hand-cut, resulting in slight variations in actual
weight. That’s right. Sliced. Diced.

Made in the USA. Vegan friendly.

My parents, a hair stylist and a cosmetologist from Greece, brought their expertise to America in the 1970s. Growing up, I learned a lot about the haircare industry and started exploring a deep curiosity about the products people use every day. After college, I began developing my own personal care products, and for the last 17 years, have focused on the immense benefits of natural ingredients.

Unlike the highly processed, chemical-laden products lining shelves today, botanicals like unrefined shea butter and cold- and expeller-pressed plant oils maintain their nutrients and antioxidant properties. Add natural beeswax, clays, and essential oils, and you have a nutrient-rich, all-natural, healthy hair and skin care regimen.  

Hercules Beard Co. was established to bestow the power of these botanicals on the distinguished whiskered man, providing hair and skin care products made with integrity. My small-batch, hand-crafted balms, oils, waxes, and more boast unique formulas that use the finest ingredients nature has to offer—without excess fragrances. Grooming tools and accessories are artfully selected so you wield only the highest quality implements. And for me, knowing my products help you look and feel your best is extremely satisfying.

Hercules Beard Co. isn’t just turning the gifts of nature into glorious goatees, it’s empowering people to support each other. Throughout the year, 10% of profits will be donated to various charities to make a positive impact on the lives of men and boys.



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