Brittanie's Thyme Organic Blemish Toner - 2 oz.


Finally a Blemish Toner that will help those of your with sensitive skin.

Our Toner from Brittanies Thyme uses witch hazel as the carrier that provides astringent qualities, tea tree and lavender essential oils, this product is unstoppable.*

Great to use as a spot treatment or an all over clarifying toner daily.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.



Apply with cotton to affected areas twice daily.


Organic witch hazel, organic tea tree essential oil, organic lavender essential oil.

Gluten Free/Vegan


Our belief is that natural and organic is a life choice, not a fashion or a trend. Our products are intended to be used, and used regularly. Our ingredients as well as our prices reflect this philosophy. No fillers, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes are used. We produce small batches of each product to ensure freshness.




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