MBD Roasters Premium Single Origin Coffee - Bolivia


These coffee beans are sourced from the renowned growing region of Bolivia known as Carnavi in the Andes Mountains.

The coffee cherries are shade grown and harvested at just the right moment, bringing a taste many coffee lovers have come to love.They are carefully roasted using the same methods we use for our ultra-premium Costa Rica brands.

MBD Roasters is a Member of the Specialty Coffee Association!

Why Single Origin Coffee?

 As the Specialty Coffee Association's (SCA) Andra Vlaicu says:

“The most important thing about single origin is its traceability, the fact that you know exactly where your coffee is from and that it’s a specific coffee, not a blend. Usually of a higher quality, it’s the acknowledgment that the coffee is from a particular farm located in a unique setting, whilst its flavour depicts its origin, possessing characteristics of that specific area where the particular coffee was grown.”

The importance of using a Degassing Valve for our packaging:

We take pride, and rightly so, in our roasting process and endeavor to create a product that has quality flavor, acidity, body, aroma, and finish.

During this process, both volatile and non-volatile gases are released. These gases, 80% of which is CO2, add to the flavor of the coffee but also continue to emit for some time.

This is why, when perfecting the roasting process, packaging is not just the final step, but an extremely important one. It maintains the freshness, integrity, and shelf-life of the ground or whole bean coffee and it does so in a way that is unique.

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