BeeAlive Energy SERJ: Natural and Caffeine Free - 15 Vials



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For a healthy surge of energy whenever you need it! Turn on the power of every cell in your body with ENERGY SERJ! Wherever you go, take one of the individual serving vials with you to help increase your energy in the morning, during sports or exercise, or to replace your 3PM cup of coffee — whenever you need an extra boost!

ENERGY SERJ is an exclusive all natural BeeAlive formula that ENERGIZES, BALANCES and PROTECTS.

The powerful benefits of ENERGY SERJ come from a potent 500 mgs of our BeeAlive Royal Jelly and two important herbs, Eleuthero and Schisandra, used for their invigoration, stamina and adaptogenic benefits. Adaptogens are known to increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional and environmental stress. Plus, it provides powerful antioxidants from pure grape concentrate!*

Use daily for energy, endurance, stamina and vitality! Contains NO CAFFEINE or stimulant and crash herbs like many energy drinks — feel great hours later! Energy SERJ can be enjoyed from the vial, or mixed into a mineral water or fruit flavored sparkling drink — you'll love it!


Plant-sourced glycerin, natural orange flavoring.

About BeeAlive

Feel Alive. BeeAlive.

BeeAlive has been working in partnership with nature’s bees since 1984. For the last three decades, this family-owned and operated business, passed down from founder Madeline Balletta to her son, Jason, and his wife, Rose, has paved its way as the leading provider of pure, never freeze-dried Royal Jelly, the food of the Queen Bee, and other natural wellness products. In the same way that bees utilize the pollen of plants to sustain the abundance of nature, we pride ourselves on providing top quality products that allow individuals to help their bodies help themselves.

As part of a culture that emphasizes the importance of nourishing the inner body with vitamins and nutrients in nature’s whole form, we believe that we should treat our skin, the largest organ of the body, with the same respect. BeeAlive’s belief in a holistic approach is why we offer the finest in fresh, never freeze-dried Royal Jelly Supplements, BeeAlive® ESSENTIALS (natural dietary supplements) and our BeeAlive Spa Essentials™natural skin care line. Our unwavering commitment to product quality ensures that our products are pure and effective, meeting BeeAlive’s strict quality standards.


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