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Rewards Program

At My Beautiful Daughters, we love giving you Beautiful Dollars!

All information is secured, private, & NEVER shared!

As a member you will have access to all the point options below.

Additionally, you can earn 2X, 3X and up to 5X Bonus Points!...when we email you on a specific purchase offer.

You can redeem your points on any product we sell.

Point Awards:

for Every...
300 Points $5 off coupon
500 Points $10 off coupon
1000 Points $30 off coupon

How to earn points:

200 Welcome points just for signing up
3 points for every $1 spent
50 points for sharing on Facebook - first share only
50 points for sharing on Twitter - first share only
50 Birthday points - must enter date of birth at least 1 month before being rewarded
50 points for liking page on Facebook
50 points for following on Twitter 

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