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18 Essential Beauty Products for That Dewy Skin Look

        "One Love Organics Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist ($39): We love just about everything in this line of products, not the least of which is this refreshing, firming, wrinkle-fighting face spray."


 We embrace the simplicity and the knowledge that you can achieve more with less.

  • We believe in the power of the beauty ritual to renew, relax, and transform.
  • We trust in the healing power of plants.
  • We are advocates for earth's most gentle members: children and the families who care for them.
  • We declare that love is the greatest, most powerful force on earth.

we like to avoid stuff.

Not the good stuff, like fun, family and friendship. Or the important stuff, like health, home and environment. We love that stuff. We mean the bad stuff. The useless, meaningless stuff that clutters our lives and clouds our perspective.

We created One Love Organics to offer a simpler approach to beauty: a sensitive yet effective alternative to all those ubiquitous bottles and the mysterious stuff they contain. Our plant based formulas are  designed to nourish and balance all skin types—so they’re perfect for everyone.

Because beauty isn’t in the bottle. It’s in the heart.


The Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics collection combines pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and antioxidants with a moisture-rich base to deliver maximum hydration, which in turn combats premature aging and restores skin to radiant health. Each naturally active ingredient was selected specifically to help fortify and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier, allowing the skin to breathe and eliminate toxins, and help keep it plump and resilient. The result is a truly healthy, radiant complexion. When used together, the products in the collection work synergistically to provide the greatest benefits possible.

About Elizabeth Dehn:

Lifestyle editor and founder of the award-winning blog, Elizabeth’s career has included Aveda, Kiehl’s, Nordstrom, Target, Minnesota Monthly, Sotheby's Artful Living, and the Star Tribune. She is a regular contributor to Mpls.St.Paul magazine, Divine Caroline, Twin Cities Live, and MyTalk FM107. Elizabeth was recently named one of the top 50 most powerful pinners in the world by Buzzfeed. She resides in Minneapolis with her husband and white lab, Molly Thomas.

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