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Few of the Most Frequently Asked Queries about Wart Removal

Warts are described as a skin condition that isn’t favourable as they are troublesome and look unpleasant. Usually, disappear after a few weeks however some are reluctant and painful. Thankfully, there are various remedies to remove them.

Every person having this skin growth wants to remove it faster however they have some doubt about the 脫疣 process. In Tsim Sha Tsui, you have Retens Medical where their cosmetologist professional team would clear your doubts about wart and suggest the proper treatment as well.

They believe in promoting safe procedures to treat all kinds of skin trouble for their patients to enjoy a quality life.

Here are few questions that are often asked to dermatologists:

  • About warts: They can be defined as infection occurring on the epidermis layer of skin. They are small-sized fleshy growth. They can emerge on any part of the body however mostly seen on hands and legs.
  • Causes of occurrence of warts: The Human Papillonavirus is the main culprit in emergence of warts. The HPV as the virus is commonly known spreads through sexual intercourse or even while you use or touch the things used by the infected person.

The other way it infects is through skin cuts and wounds. Once they get a chance to enter the skin layer then start multiplying cells to form an ugly skin growth.

  • Whether warts are a common skin problem: As there are numerous kinds of HPV, warts are quite common skin problems. Children and elderly people are more troubled with warts as their autoimmunity is low and their resistance to the virus infection is less. People having the habit of biting their nails or having blisters on their feet are often troubled by the growth of warts.
  • Confused about warts are dangerous and contagious or not: They aren’t dangerous and non-cancerous however some are painful ones. There is no doubt that they are extremely contagious skin issues. You can get infected easily and instantly by touching the skin of the person or their things.  The main reason for its removal is that it appears unpleasant and irritable.
  • Different types of warts: There are innumerable types of warts. Some of the most popularly known ones are common warts, flat warts, plantar warts, Condyloma and Molluscum contagiousm.
  • The treatment of warts: Cantharidin is a liquid formula that is directly applied to the wart. It causes the wart to fall off the skin itself. Podophylin is a concentrated chemical solution applied on the wart by doctors.

The solution exfoliates your skin and stimulates the immunity level to detach the wart. Cryotherapy is a method in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart and remove it. Electrosurgery in which the wart is burnt using current and then by curettage remaining part of the wart is scrapped.

  • Safety and effectiveness of the treatment methods: All are quite effective and safe, thus no worries if done by an experienced dermatologist.

Hence, seek out the best 脫疣醫生 in your locality and fix and appointment to be free of warts issues.

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