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Buff Her House of Exfoliation!

Buff Her House of Exfoliation are the makers of unique exfoliating food scrubs, handcrafted from natural and organically grown fruits and veggies. Our motto is "Feed Your Freakin' Face". We believe the exfoliating or buffing process should be gentle, cleansing and really fun. To ensure that your skin loves our products, every ingredient is easliy recognizable and natural, with proven skin beautifying and exfoliating benefits.

We founded Buff Her House of Exfoliation, an exclusive line of exfoliating food scrubs, because of our love of the exfoliation process. Our goal is to provide women with a natural way to exfoliate, by using all natural and organic foods. We are sisters on a mission to educate and feed the faces of women across the globe using food...so let us "Feed Your Freakin' Face"!!

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