Worried about the aging and dark circles around the eyes?

...Then it is time to take matters to an organic level.

At My Beautiful Daughters we are proud to off a very effective product made from only the finest high quality ingredients. Hollybeth Organics is a leader in natural and organic skincare and their Eye Seruma will work wonders on aging and dark circles around the eye with its highly concentrated serum that we have formulated with a proprietary blend of organic ingredients.

These ingredients are specially designed to treat the delicate area around the eyes and minimizing the signs of aging while targeting dark circles.

HollyBeth’s proprietary formula, with black cumin, carrot seed and pomegranate seed oils, diminishes fine lines and  wrinkles, fades dark circles, brightens, hydrates and protects, creating a youthful, rested appearance. Formulated for all skin types, the cooling steel roller ball applicator makes delivering a targeted dose of treatment to trouble areas areas a breeze. A beautiful violet glass vessel begs to be displayed on a vanity while ensuring that the precious, active formula is protected from the elements.

Pomegranate seed oil encourages healthy skin regeneration and delivers an optimal dose of antioxidants.  Black cumin seed oil fades dark circles. Carrot seed oil rejuvenates tender skin with high levels of Vitamins A and C. Sandalwood essential oil works wonders to de-puff. Camellia oil provides protection from harmful UV rays and other damaging environmental elements. With each use, the fragile eye area is instantly brightened, soothed and de-puffed, signs of aging are diminished, dark circles faded, and protected from future damage.

USDA Organic Certified

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