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At My Beautiful Daughters we are committed to bringing you the most effective, and highest quality Beauty products - Skin, Hair, and Body care....and yes, I have two beautiful daughters that are my inspiration for our store!

Why we choose Hancrafted Small Batch beauty products:

Why small batch handcrafted beauty care products are better!

  • Every product is carefully handcrafted and hand-filled in small batches.

  • Ensures the potency & freshness of the product.

  • Small batches keep all the nutritional value, yielding 100% of the health benefits.

  • Each ingredient is carefully chosen to directly benefit your skin.

  • Crafted from organic and wild harvested ingredients, completely natural and simply simple. 

  • Creates goods from scratch that are 100% safe, naturally potent, and highly effective.

Maybe we're more twee than we realized, but these days, we can't get enough of small-batch beauty. Scaled-down, handcrafted batches means they can cater to niche interests — products that are vegan, sustainable, or contain only unprocessed ingredients.

Plus, knowing the thought and effort that went into it makes us more inclined to take a moment to enjoy it. And, at the end of the day, isn't that what a beauty routine is all about?

Remember that whatever you put on your skin or hair gets absorbed into your body. This is why it is so important that the Hair Care, Body Lotions, Facial Care, Cosmetics and anything else that touches your body are safe for you. Our products contain no harmful chemicals.

Our products must meet our highest standards before they are offered to you. Our vendors must list all their products ingredients as well as offer us the benefit and purpose of each ingredient. Only after our staff has reviewed each product thoroughly and approved it will we add that item to our catalog.


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