The Essence of Peace - HollyBeth Organics Flourish® Calming Perfume

The Essence of Peace - relaxation and tranquility - two of the the feelings from this wonderful stress relieving Perfume that will leave you asking for more.

My Beautiful Daughters brings you this USDA Certified Organic Flourish Calming Perfume from Hollybeth Organics. This roll-on perfume and stress relieving concentrate features a blend of organic essential oils that evokes the feeling of tranquil summer days.

Top notes of earthy cedarwood and crisp bergamot deliver a sunny introduction. Enchanting rose geranium and the woody warmth of sweet marjoram and fresh chamomile dance as heart notes. Heady ylang ylang anchors as a seductive base note. Together, this combination of essential oils creates a distinctive earthy citrus aroma that’s designed to encourage a lively, optimistic and grounded outlook.

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