Sensitive Skin? Brittanies Thyme has the answers!

Brittanie's Thyme fully embraces the Pro Aging movement.

Their products have always been designed to bring skin into balance and nourish it with each step: cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing.

All of Brittanies USDA Certified Organic products are also formulated for those with sensitivities...But their signature "Sensitive" line of products are for those with moderate to extreme sensitivities.

The line includes their Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser which is a fruit based aloe cleanser provides gentle removal of all of the daily dirt and oils.

The Sensitive Skin Facial Cream rehydrates, protects and addresses sensitive skin issues while the Sensitive Skin Facial Serum is a deep replenishing moisturizer, one that you will feel immediately.

All of Brittanies Thyme Skincare roducts are available at My Beautiful Daughters

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