Our Strawberry Parfait buff is perfect for breakouts!

Exfoliating Food Power - Buff Her Strawberry Parfait Facial Exfoliating Buff

A delicious blend of organic strawberries with natural salicylic acid, our Strawberry Parfait buff is perfect for breakouts!

Added to that is yogurt packed with lactic acid for a gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing that makes the blend a favorite here at Buff Her House of Exfoliation.

Recommended for combo skin types.

A little goes a long way. Each bottle contains enough for 200+ applications.

Each bottle of our exfoliating scrubs contains rice as a base ingredient. Rice has been used for centuries as an exfoliator and helps to brighten your skin, yay!

Strawberries are high in salicylic acid, one of the main ingredients in over the counter acne medications. Strawberries are rich in Vitamins A & C.

Yogurt has the highest levels of lactic acid which gently exfoliates the skin.

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