Muscadine Grape Oil! from Born Skincare

We really love the products from Born Skincare but read this great review from someone who has used their products!

"I truly love using the Muscadine Grape Oil! I’m rather picky when it comes to skin care products and I’ve tried everything under the sun (from Cetaphil to LeMer; from oils to heavy creams), so if something stands out from the other products it gets added to my must have list.

I have mostly dry skin but tend to have problems in the T-zones like many women. The muscadine oil is heavy enough to address my dry skin and it absorbs quickly. It leaves my skin feeling soft and plump like it just absorbed a yummy snack, but I don’t feel 'oily'. You will notice that muscadine oil is thicker than other skin oils, which is nice because it doesn’t run all over the place when you are trying to apply it. It also smells good in my opinion – not like a fake smell, just an organic natural smell.

I even convinced my husband to try some, a little experiment of sorts. He has very sensitive skin and usually breaks out in sweats when he puts anything on his skin, and is reactive to even the most sensitive products. After harassing him for days to try the product he snuck some on without me knowing and didn’t tell me. However, I noticed immediately when he kissed me because his face felt soft and plump as well but not oily. He (begrudgingly) admitted that it was a really good product – but of course he’s a guy so he doesn’t need to use any products regularly ;)"

"If you are thinking about trying this product I highly recommend it! This has become a staple for my skin care routine and I love the fact that it’s all natural so I don’t have to worry about any adverse effects to my health. Thank you Born Skin Care!”

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