Men's Grooming Products You Should Be Using On A Daily Basis!

We have compiled a list of 5 men’s skincare and men’s grooming products you should be using every day!

A face wash for men

For a man keeping your face clear and bright is the foundation of a great men’s skin care routine. Choose a men's face wash, that is meant for your specific skin type. Using you face wash  the morning when you wake up will leave you and your look refreshed and energized. It is also important to use your face wash before after you exercise and before bed in order to prevent any oil or impurities from sitting in your pores at night.

A face moisturizer for men

Post face wash, you should be using a men’s facial moisturizer to keep your face hydrated and protected. A face moisturizer will make your face look firm and best of all, provide anti aging benefits to keep your face looking strong and youthful for decades to come. It’s important to note, even if you have an oily skin type, you still need to use a face moisturizer daily. Many guys think excessively drying out their face with either a face wash or other “oil controlling” solutions will help prevent excess oil. This actually can’t be any further from the truth as having a severely dry face can lead to excess oil production.

A body wash for men

We hope you’re showering daily. The quickest way to get sweat, dirt and oil off your body is to use a natural body wash for men. Using a drug store brand will clean your skin, but also strip it of essential oils, drying it out.

A shampoo for men

While using a natural shampoo for men daily is perfectly OK, ideally, you’d only wash your hair every other day. Why? Because your hair was not meant to be cleansed daily. We really hope you are not using a cheap, drugstore brand because those will strip the oils out of your hair, causing it to look lifeless and dry over time. Not to mention, shampoos filled with chemicals damage the follicles on the scalp.

A natural Shave Cream for men

Whether you’re sporting a beard or shave daily, a shave cream is an essential daily product every man needs. Make sure you’re using a natural shave cream for men and not one that foams/lathers. Why? The ingredients used to create lather irritate the skin, causing major post shave irritation and bumps. Those same ingredients also create micro air pockets, allowing the blade to directly scrape against the skin with no lubrication or protection. A natural men's shave cream will sink into the skin, creating a protective layer that will prevent post shave irritation.

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