Let Your Hands and Feet Feel Smooth and Refreshed!

Your hands and feet will thank you for pampering them with this wonderful scrub!

Our wonderfully effective and refreshing Organic Peppermint Hand & Foot Scrub, from Homemade Betty, is not only a scrub but also perfect for a soak!

Made with Organic UN-refined Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt & Organic Japanese Peppermint Oil.

For your feet simple soak in warm water for 10-15 min. After apply the scrub to feet, rub gentle on tired heels and the balls of your feet. Then soak again for 10-15 min. Then take out and apply your favorite Homemade Betty Body Butter.

Your hands and feet will be smooth and they will be energized from the magnesium and peppermint.

Also, leave a small jar next to the sink to treat your hands after washing dishes!

With warmer weather you feet will be thanking you for the treat!

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