Holistic Green Beauty Blog - "I've rated Yarok Feed Your Do a perfect 5/5"

Holistic Green Beauty Blog -

"I've rated Yarok Feed Your Do a perfect 5/5. I honestly cannot find fault with this. I don't know what more anyone could ask for in a hair styling product. If you are looking for a versatile advanced organic hair styling product then look no further than this beauty. 

I kid you not this is the best organic and natural hair styling product I've ever used. It provides great performance, amazing ingredients, smells great and is ideal for any length of hair.

I use this in two ways:

1. After washing my hair and whilst it is still damp I smooth some over my hair and it dries like a gel which is slightly hard, leaving my hair with a wet gel like look. This provides added shine with extra hold. When applied to wet hair it adds a nice glossy sleek look.

2. After blow drying my hair I apply it and style my hair in any way I want. This has the power to help my hair stick up, which is very rare as my hair naturally falls flat. I've certainly never come across a natural or organic haircare product that has the holding power to make my hair stick up. I've also noticed it adds texture and definition to the hair. When applied to dried hair it makes the hair look matte and non greasy. I love how versatile this product is and it adds extra moisture to the hair. A little goes a very long way as the product is highly concentrated and in my opinion it is extremely good value for money.

Another impressive thing about this product is the impressive array of organic botanicals and antioxidants this contains. It contains nourishing organic shea butter, hemp seed oil and organic bilberry, vitamin c, healing calendula flowers, anti ageing ginkgo leaf, protective green tea and alfalfa. This is one of the most advanced natural hair styling products available. It helps to protect the hair against free radical damage and pollution."


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