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Healing, Confidence, & Love Stone Bracelets - Save 10%

October 05, 2019

My Beautiful Daughters is excited to offer you a 10% discount on our wonderful selection of Healing, Confidence, & Love Stone Bracelets. Wonderfully designed and handcrafted.

Use code 'Stone'

A gorgeous selection of jewelry that is created for the mind, body and spirit.

Our most popular healing gemstone bracelets are our anxiety relief bracelet, protection bracelets, life balance bracelet, anxiety and stress relief bracelets, fortune bracelet, myintent bracelet, and balance bracelet.

Here is a small example of the Gemstones we use:

Aquamarine - A stone of protection and courage - Helps to open the mind to acquire intellectual growth and inner knowledge - Helps to promote verbal expression to strengthen verbal reasoning - Helps to bring peace and serenity to one’s mind - Helps to heal those suffering with any throat issues and autoimmune diseases

Tiger Eye - Brings insight and clear thinking - Focuses the mind - Brings good luck - Protection from people who wish negativity or harm towards the wearer

Lapis Lazuli - Helps to relieve worries - Increase concentration - Helps to decrease stress and anxiety levels - Helps with aches and pains from the eyes, head, bones, etc.

Buy today and SAVE 10% through Oct. 8th ONLY at My Beautiful Daughters. Use code 'Stone'

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