Esquire Grooming Awards Winner - Brooklyn Grooming Red Hook Hair Promade

We are proud to now offer the Award Winning Red Hook Men's Hair Promade from Brooklyn Grooming, that gives your hair a beautifully moldable, moveable hold.

According to our Grooming Expert, Wearing Pomaderanks right alongside Building a Fire and Using a Compass when it comes to Things All Men Should Know.

Our Old School Pomade is based on the classic pomade texture (a perfect balance of greasy, waxy and gummy) but achieved here without the disturbing addition of animal fats and petroleum products.

Instead, unrefined beeswax and shea butter together with the essence of the drought-proof Moroccan argon tree (among others) combine to form a light, breathable styling grease that gives your hair a beautifully moldable, moveable hold.

As Sloan notes in the blog post about using pomade, beyond its obvious styling, shaping and sculpting uses: for people with dry hair, the pomade can function as a conditioner of sorts, locking in moisture by coating the hair with a nourishing, organic seal of protection.

What does Red Hook Smell Like:

Red Hook smells like Bay Rum with hints of Cardamom and Citrus. Together these spicy essences create a complex aroma suggestive of cinnamon's swashbuckling older brother.

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