A luxurious, naturally foaming shampoo from Yarok Hair Care

A luxurious, naturally foaming shampoo

Our wonderful Volume Shampoo from Yarok is a luxurious, naturally foaming shampoo. When using our shampoo you will be treating your senses, your hair, and your scalp to an herbal aromatic blend of organic and all natural herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils that visibly plump normal to fine hair.

Creator and Owner — Mordechai Alvow "Yarok is about beauty, and our goal is to make the world a more beautiful place. 3% of all profits from what we do protects over 10 million acres of rainforest through a donation to the Pachamama Alliance.

I am proud of this mission, as well as making women feel beautiful without judgement of who they are. In the bigger picture, we do not want to impose differences and separation, but instead support unity and work together for a better world. We recognize freedom of speech as an important right that should be exercised, but we do not support hate of any kind, and this is not a political platform.

We always welcome any discussion related to women’s beauty (inside and out), a green lifestyle and making the world a more beautiful place.”

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