A Great Facial Toner for Men!

Here at My Beautiful Daughters we have what is a truly wonderful and convenient Facial Toner for Men.

Our pore-refining dirt-busting astringent pads, from Anthony, remove impurities, tighten pores, and control shine leaving skin calm and refreshed.

These pads are plush and soft, and are full of cleansing product that you can easily wipe on your face. No more putting the liquid in your hands, only to have some of it run into the sink or onto your counter.

• Witch Hazel — Helps remove impurities
• Aloe Vera and Citrus Mint — Calms and freshens
• Azeloglicina — Hydrates

These ingredients ensure that the product doesn’t dry out your skin, as well as putting in necessary vitamins to give you a healthy glow. Aloe, in particular, is full of good stuff that protects your skin and keeps it nice and fresh all throughout the day.

This toner is great for all skin types, as it controls excess oil and tightens the pores to help keep dirt out. If you suffer from oily or acne-ridden skin, this can help keep your ailments to a minimum. 

Buy now our Anthony Purifying Facial Astringent Pads at My Beautiful Daughters now.


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