A Beautiful Body Oil is the Best Remedy for Parched Winter Skin

Winter is here, and with it, that instinctual need to warm up. Hot showers and baths are great, but they can have a drying effect on skin that already might be on the parched side. Let Body Oils come to the rescue.

Small molecules allow oils to penetrate more quickly and deeply into the skin than lotions. They are also very nourishing helping to replenish the oils from within the layers of the skin, and enhancing the production of the body's own natural oils which are often lost when skin is dry.

Organic Spa Magazine recognizes our Holly Beth Body Oil as one of the finest:

"This nourishing product feature sunflower seed oil to hydrate and target fine lines, vitamin rich pumpkin seed oil to boost collagen production and encourage cell renewal, and fatty acid-rich apricot kernel seed oil to moisturize, tone and fight aging. On top of that, HollyBeth Organics signature mix of litsea, ylang-ylang and black pepper oils help lift the spirits too."

Check out our HollyBeth Body Oil at My Beautiful Daughters

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