Dry, Sensitive Skin? Expert Tips!

The skin is our body's largest organ. By eating the right superfoods, using the right skincare ingredients and gaining a little know0how, we can improve the very health of our skin.

Follow these expert tips for healthy, mega-moisturized, comfortable skin all winter long.

1. Work it out

A good sweat session boosts circulation, helping to get rid of toxins faster and deliver oxygen and nutrients more effectively.

2. Protect skin from within

One of the best sources of skin-stenghtening essential fatty acids is hempseed oil. Use it on salads in place of olive oil.

3. Go Green

Load up your plate with antioxidant rich leafy greens like Kale to prevent free-radical damage to keep your skin healthy and strong.

4. Skip the soap

Harsh cleansers with sodium laurel or laureth sulfate can strip skin or natural moisturizers. Use gentle sulfate-free cleansers instead.

5. Apply like a pro

When smoothing on your favorite moisturizer, massage in using deep, upward strokes to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Apply to shower damp skin to help seal in extra moisture.

It's your skin, so take care of it the right way!

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