NEW! - Javazen Superfood Blend Organic Coffee


Javazen Boost gets you going and will keep you going through the day. The addition of Amazonian super-leaf, Yerba Mate, is naturally packed with caffeine and antioxidants. If you normally drink several cups of coffee per day, Boost is now your new best friend.


Sail smoothly through your day with our Balance blend. This blend is the original Javazen recipe that we were brewing up in college for ourselves and our friends - finely crafted to create a brew that is delicious, and good for you too.


This blend is perfect for the end of a long day of for when you want to sip on something all day without too much caffeine. Javazen Relax includes naturally decaffeinated coffee with sweet goji berries and rooibos tea. Many even enjoy this brew before a late night workout or flow.



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