Product Spotlight - BeeAlive Sweet Energy Formula: Fresh Royal Jelly & Natural Honey

Feel like you are moving in slow motion? Too tired to keep up with your days?

One of our most potent formulas, Sweet Energy is a blend of fresh, never freeze-dried Royal Jelly and natural honey for a delicious taste. One teaspoon provides a generous 1,066 mg of Royal Jelly.

Sweet Energy is perfect for those who enjoy the taste of honey, want to take a larger amount of Royal Jelly for extra energy or have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets.

Sweet Energy is delicious straight from the jar, spread on toast or added to your favorite yogurt or smoothie (just don’t heat it!). The recipes are endless!

What Is Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a rare and nutritious substance from the beehive, found only in nature and unable to be duplicated in a lab. It is not honey or pollen, but the food of the Queen Bee. All bees in the hive are born genetically identical, but one is chosen as the Queen. The Queen Bee, fed her exclusive Royal Jelly diet, grows very large, lays about 2,000 eggs a day and lives approximately two to three years, while other bees, who eat only honey and pollen, live only two to three weeks. The only difference is their diet!

Royal Jelly’s benefits are not limited to our buzzing friends. At BeeAlive we’ve only known about Royal Jelly since 1984, but individuals in different parts of Europe, Africa and Asia have been using it internally and on the skin for centuries, experiencing a powerful host of health and beauty benefits, due to the superfood’s wide array of nutrients, antioxidants and naturally occurring bioactive compounds, including B vitamins, proteins and other biochemical cofactors, amino acids, peptides, fatty acids, Acetylcholine, Royalactin and 10-HDA, a compound unique to Royal Jelly.

Benefits of Royal Jelly:

· A body balancer that optimizes physical and mental energy levels
· Supports healthy, balanced cholesterol and stress levels
· Analytical testing has shown that Royal Jelly is composed of many biologically active compounds, including B vitamins, such as pantothenic acid (B5) and B6, proteins, amino acids, peptides, fatty acids and biochemical cofactors
· Nature’s only source of Royalactin, which is responsible for the Queen Bee’s development and longevity
· Contains Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved with learning and memory, making Royal Jelly a true brain food!
· Consists of nutrients, such as B vitamins, flavonoids, nucleic acid, decanoic acid, enzymes and hormones, thought to support skin renewal and collagen production for firmer, youthful looking skin
· Ideal for lethargic, run down or fully scheduled, maxed out individuals
· A vital supplement for menopausal women and women at the peak of their childbearing years
· The ultimate addition to your healthy diet and lifestyle!


BeeAlive Sweet Energy Formula: Fresh Royal Jelly & Natural Honey

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