How to best apply facial oils and serums

Natural and Organic Skin Care tips for you. Today we want to focus on what is the best way to correctly apply our facial serums and oils to your skin. We have many fine choices for you, no matter what your skin type. So please enjoy this article!

We are huge fans of plant based facial oils and with good reason. Pure plant oils absorb easily into the skin and help balance every skin type—from breakout-prone to dry and irritable—which leads to a calmer, dewier and less-stressed complexion.

The question we were asked most at the event is how to correctly apply facial oils. This is a great question and one that we are happy to answer. The way you apply facial oils and the amount you use (a very small amount) is almost as important as the formula itself! When applied correctly, facial treatment oils penetrate quickly and deeply, leaving a velvety-smooth (decidedly ungreasy!) finish. More often than not you’ll see immediate results from the first application.

First begin with thoroughly cleansed, damp skin. Always apply oils after the skin has been freshly washed and/or spritzed with a moisture mist. Oil will hold that extra water on the skin and help the skin to rebalance itself faster.

Dispense 3 drops of facial oil (or a very small pump) onto your four fingertips (exclude the thumb), rub fingertips lightly together and gently press oil onto your cheeks, forehead and then chin.


This pattern allows distribution of oil to the largest surface areas of the face, in order. Follow with gentle, upward strokes to evenly distribute the oil onto the skin.




Lastly, include your lips. If your skin needs more moisture, repeat.




This will also work with your favorite balm-just be sure to use a tiny 1/2 pea size for moisture. Stay tuned for an Instagram video that shows how to best apply facial oils. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy!

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