HOOKED ON BEAUTY Loves Aeveka Regenerating Night Cream

Hooked On Beauty's Carissa Passerella is an Editor, Makeup Artist, TV Beauty Expert, Brand Ambassador.

"I wanted to show exactly how rich this Regenerating Night Cream is from Aeveka. They sent it to me a while ago and I was hesitant to try it expecting a full scale breakout given the consistency, but luckily that never happened. What did happen was that I found out exactly how parched my skin is by how quickly it drinks this cream up every night. I understand why, its ingredients are basically drinkable with  Aloe, Cherry Juice, Hibiscus Tea, Apple, and Grape, with most of those being organic. Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter serve as the powerful hydrators while Co-Q10, (awell studied vitamin shown to improve skin quality) safely combats fine lines.

It smells amazing, feels great, and my skin has been reacting well to it"



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