Product Spotlight - Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Treatment

Let your head be born again with our Award Winning Feed Your Youth Hair and Scalp Serum from Yarok.

Our wonderful Hair & Scalp Serum from Yarok contains Pure Yarrow for dry skin conditions, and Avocado oil which is very rich in therapeutic vitamins.

Now you can keep your hair young and beautiful and help the natural environment survive for generations to come.

This powerful blend of pure essential oils packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are responsibly harvested and provide the ultimate longevity-promoting treatment for all hair types. A key ingredient is Yarrow Oil, which is prescribed for dry skin conditions while Avocado Oil is among the most therapeutic and vitamin-rich oils.


Hollistic Green Beauty Blog -

Twice a week I mix this with the conditioner after shampooing. It provides the hair with more moisture. Feed Your Youth is rich in avocado oil which is one of the best oils for the hair as it penetrates deep into the hair's cortex and hydrates it from within. Feed Your Youth has a light greeny blue colour (from the avocado oil) and smells citrusy due to the orange blossom and bitter orange oil it contains. Mixing this oil/serum to the conditioner provides a dramatic difference to my hair as it feels much more nourished, softer and hydrated. This helps to alleviate my dry scalp and deeply moisturize my dry hair.

The result of using this range is my hair is in a much more manageable condition, looks a lot more healthier, shinier and voluminous. They are high end products of premium quality. If you are looking for instant results and hair care products that stand the test of time which gives you a silky smooth mane then look no further. I rate these three products 5/5 as this is the best organic hair care range I have used and I am thrilled to have been introduced to the range.



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