Product Spotlight - Napa Soap Bars & Napa Wine!

What's with a name!

The Napa Soap Company is located in the Napa Valley of California, famous for their wines of course. Napa in keeping with the tradition names their all natural luxurious bar soap for the different types of wine grapes found in and around the valley - 

Cabernet Soapignon

Shea R donnay

Tea-No Grigio

Berry Rose

Figs & Zinfandel

Soapignon Blanc

How cool is that!

Napa Soap Company, in keeping with our store theme makes their soap in small batches of 50 bars each. They use natural ingredients, buy organic whenever we can, recycle all of our packaging materials, and try to source as many local products as possible. We hope you enjoy our soap as much as we do!

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Napa Soap Company Soapignon Blanc Soap - 6 oz.


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