Sofia Uliano says Farm to Skin Board and Batten is the real thing!

There aren’t that many true farm-to-face skin care products out there, but Board and Batten is the real thing. I love this new farm-to-face movement, which reflects the whole farm-to-table/slow food, locavore thing, which has been rapidly growing over the last few years. Locally-grown and produced skin care is a wonderful thing because for one, it ensures that the ingredients have not been sitting in a cargo ship at sea for months, and secondly – the ingredients will most probably be of much higher quality than most mass-produced beauty products.

Board and Batten’s gorgeous products are made on a farm in Lake County, Florida. The Cleansing and Conditioning balm is for those of you who love a buttery cleanser to slice through makeup up and grime leaving your skin cleansed but moisturized. It contains deeply nourishing ingredients such as carrot seed oil and chia extract, and comes with an organic shammy.

Love the rustic farm style packaging, which totally scream – Holiday Gift!!!!

Board and Batten Cleansing and Conditioning Balm - 4 oz. Set

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