Beauty Blogger Leslye Kim's Review - Aeveka Natural Skin Care!

I am such a natural skin care fanatic, so when Aeveka contacted me to review some of their products, of course I jumped at the chance!

The Replenishing Eye Cream left my under eyes hydrated and well moisturized. This organic eye cream “is packed with natural and organic anti-aging ingredients which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while decreasing and de-puffing dark circles.

  •      Pharmaceutical grade Co-Q10 reduces the signs of aging
  • ,neutralizes free radicals and keeps skin cells healthy.
  • Micro Algae produces oxygen and promotes full skin rejuvenation.    
  •    Organic Evening Primrose Oil helps with decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates very dry skin and aids to smooth the skin byproducing new skin cells. Our all natural eye cream works to keep the eye area firm and youthful without the use of harmful chemicals found in most anti-aging eye creams.” .

Meanwhile the Resurfacing Serum “is a powerful fruit juice and tea blend serum, which contains antioxidant properties. The serum works totone, lighten and protect the skin from environmental damage while the hyaluronic acid componentreverses and stops the signs of aging.

  • This refreshing serum contains Organic Apple Juice, which is anatural form of Malic acid that promotes elasticity and collagen breakdown. When used properly, this serum helps reduce wrinkles and restores the skin to its natural glow
  • Containing Organic Green Tea potent antioxidants, this serum helps to fight damage caused by free radicals and neutralizes damage that is done by UV rays.” (

If you love organic skincare like me, Aeveka is definitely worth a try.  I love that their products are organic, chemical free, and  environmentally friendly.They also have sets that are valued at great prices!

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