Tela Easy Summer Hair!

Easy Summer Hair

Summer is such a fun and easy time full of vacations and weekends at the pool or beach.  Quick and easy hairstyles go hand in hand with the summer season.  Even when working and running errands, quick and easy hair styles are critical to deal with summer heat and humidity.  


"Crimped Hair"  is a strong trend for this summer season but with a whole new spin. For this summer, crimped hair is seen as an accessory to a hairstyle rather than being the entire hairstyle itself. 


This means hair is selectively crimped.  Pieces from the top of an otherwise smooth head of hair are selectively crimped and then combined with a ponytail, headband or full on updo.

"Philip Pelusi International Design Team created an extravagant combination of crimped and smooth style for Spring 2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.   You can easily create a more pared down version that can be worn anytime day or evening", says Founder of Tela Beauty Organics, Philip Pelusi.
TIP:   One of the most popular styles for this summer is a "Crimped Hair" low ponytail.  The look is a simple and elegant low ponytail accessorized by a few crimped strands of hair.  
This is easy to achieve with the right products.   Refresh hair with a powder-free dry shampoo. Lightly mist all over the hair, lifting sections as you go and brush through.  

Try Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Dri ShampooIts signature Organic Lavender fragrance freshens hair and revives the senses.  While it's Organic White, Green and Oolong Tea help protect hair color by fighting off free radical pollutants.  

Next add a few crimps to a few select sections of the hair coming from the top or sides of the hair.  Crimps should start a minimum of 1" from the scalp if not more.  
Crimps also do not have to go the entire length of the hair but instead can just be pressed in here or there down the hair shaft.  Part hair off to either a side or center part.  

TIP:  Apply a leave in strengthening and hydrating treatment to help buffer hair from the heat of the crimping iron. Try Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Healer

Apply just a pea size amount to each dry hair section, smooth down the hair shaft and press in a few crimps.  Tela Healer's Organic Sweet Almond and Sunflower help protect more delicate hair fabrics from the heat of the crimping iron. 

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If hair is thick or coarse apply a heavier heat protect such as Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Hair GlossSlip on a thin, sheer amount in a similar fashion as above and crimp as desired.  Tela Hair Gloss contains Organic Argan Oil, Acai Oil and Coconut Oil help buffer the effects of the crimp iron while adding a glossy shine.  This rich, thick pomade also helps hydrates the hair.


Once you have your crimps in place, pull all of the hair back into a low ponytail being careful not to crush or dismantle the crimped sections.  Apply a flexible groom to fingertips to help orchestrate this modern looking ponytail style.  


 It's rich with Honey derivatives so it never dries stiff or hard.  Hair stays pliable to allow for easy styling.  Once hair is pulled back into a low ponytail and crimped pieces have been positioned, tie off with a hair band. 




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