20% Off Hollybeth Organics Hair and Body Silk - Chocolate Peppermint

Save 20% Off our delightfully fragrant and incredibly effective, Hair and Body Silk Oil, from Hollybeth Organics, Our quickly-absorbing serum does double duty to fortify and moisturize both skin and hair.

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Nutrient-rich, healing and protective camellia oil combines with equally beneficial argan oil to moisturize, balance, prevent signs of aging, and protect from UV damage. Chocolate peppermint oil adds a delightful cooling and tingling sensation, and fragrant vetiver calms and soothes. Hair & Body Silk leaves skin supple and glowing and hair shiny, healthy and full.

To use: Use this silken blend from head to toe: Apply to damp skin or to damp or clean dry hair. Spread two or three drops between hands, then gently smooth over hair to tame frizzies, shine and hydrate. Use as body oil after shower and can also be used on cuticles to soften and moisturize.

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