Refinery29: The Most Common Foundation Mistakes & Exactly How To Fix 'Em by make up artist Benjamin Puckey.

You're not prepping properly.

While oilier skin types may get shiny from foundation, dry skin types face a different issue: flaking. Since nobody likes a flake, it's important that you nourish the skin underneath your makeup in order to achieve a seamless, natural look. "Skip the primer and apply a facial oil, such as Munskin No. 1 Aknari Youth Brightening Serum before your regular moisturizer," Puckey says. Hourglass also makes an oil primer which is super-hydrating for the most even of bases.

 No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum revitalizes your skin. At its heart, three 100% organically pure anti-aging treasures of nature: Prickly Pear Seed oil instills radiance and resilience, while Rose and Argan oils transform the appearance of your skin. The look of wrinkles and fine lines gradually diminishes with the firming and refining of your skin. The complexion is more even-toned in appearance, glowing with the radiance and vitality of youth.

2014 Organic Beauty Talk Award Winner:


Best Facial Serum - MUN Youth Brightening

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