Actress Rashida Jones Favorite Hair Oil Is By Balanced Guru

The Secrets Behind Rashida Jone’s Lush Waves on NBC’s Parks & Recreation with On-Set Styling Tips from Terrie Velazquez Owen, Hair Department Head Hairstylist

I’ve recently fallen in love with hair oils! No, not the unwanted kind, but amazing organic hair oils made by Balanced Guru. I know it seems counter intuitive to put hair oil on fine limp hair but it really works hair miracles on hair health, shine and manageability. This is my new technique for giving a nice hot oil treatment and getting a cute style at the same time: I do this for Rashida Jones’ hairstyle on the NBC TV show Parks and Recreation.

First I start with hair that naturally air dries, we prefer this to pulling on wet hair with a brush and blow drying. Years of the blow dryer really wrecks havoc on one’s hair, so on Rashida’s delicate and fine hair I avoid that step.  I then wrap her hair around extra large heated rollers and let it set for 10 minutes. Longer if she is sitting in makeup (Hot rollers work best on shoulder length or longer hair). Afterwards, I take the hot rollers out and brush through with a large soft natural brush. I prefer Mason Pearson brushes, the children’s ones are the softest. Rashida has lush, shiny curls with minimal effort. Courtesy of Balanced Guru!


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