Ingredient Spotlight - Avocado Pear

Premium avocado oil is the star ingredient and base for all our products because it's a nutrient-packed, clinically-proven skin moisturizer and conditioner. The avocado pear is also a superfood known to help reduce scars, age spots and heal the skin. Naturally extracted from avocados in the subtropical north of Aotearoa New Zealand, the potent avocado oil we use is of some of the world's best. It's packed with Omegas 3 and 9 as well as Vitamins A, B1, B2, and D - plus the powerhouse antioxidants Vitamin E and chlorophyll to help mitigate skin damage and unwanted ageing.

How can it help my skin?

For your skin, it is: bursting with anti-ageing antioxidants, a natural healer of scars and age spots moisturizing, soothing and protecting, highly compatible with our skin's own sebum, blessed with natural sun-screen.

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