Jessa Blades Best Of Skincare - Earth Tu Face Hydrating Facial Balm

Jessa Blades Curates: The Best Natural Skincare Products

Jessa Blades, our go-to natural beauty guru, enlightened us this week with incredible clarity on the benefits of a natural approach to beauty. If you're now wondering how to do it, lo and behold: Blades has curated the ultimate natural beauty arsenal for every category, starting with skincare. The products below have been hand-selected by her discerning eye for their effectiveness and integrity. Your vanity will never be the same. 

Earth Tu Face Hydrating Facial Balm

"This is a super-luxurious way to moisturize your face with the oils of rose and helichrysum (known as immortelle in French, a wonderful essential oil for anti-aging). It's technically a balm, and it melts into your skin leaving the perfect glow."

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