Daily Luxuries With HollyBeth Organics Eye Serum

Beauty Blogger Molly at Maison Pur loves out HollyBeth Organics Eye Serum!

"I’ve shared before that I don’t always love oils or oily serums for my eye area, with just a couple of exceptions. This is now on my list of exceptions and may even be one of my favorite eye treatments.

While I’ve only used it for a few weeks (not long enough to see any longterm benefits), I have to admit that I was pretty blown away at how not puffy my eyes were when I woke up the first morning after I’d used it. I have always had puffy eyes and have just learned to live with the fact that they are extra puffy in the morning, so I had to do a double take the first time I used it! It has a metal roller ball applicator that helps in to glide onto your eye area and then I just gently pat any extra in.

This also keeps your eye area VERY hydrated without being oily. I don’t know how it transforms from an oil and just absorbs right in, but it does. I can still feel how moisturized my eye area is in the morning as well. I haven’t tried using this under makeup, but I imagine it would sit well.

The ingredients are: Camellia seed oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, carrot seed oil, black cumin seed oil, rose geranium oil, and sandalwood oil. 

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