Love Your Body

My Beautiful Daughters invites you to give two of One Love Organics finest products. Only the fines and most effective natural an organic ingredients are used in these products. Please read about them below and give them a will not be disappointed!

It's incredible how a little scrubbing can truly transform your skin. Skin can appear dull as dead skin cells accumulate on the top surface, but a few minutes of gentle exfoliation can lift away that barrier to expose the beautiful, fresh skin underneath.

Our Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque has long been a customer favorite because of its ability to gently exfoliate the face, so we knew our collection had to contain a body polish that would work the same transformative magic on arms, legs, elbows and knees.

But we wanted to offer our customers a new and improved body scrub experience. We wanted a formula that moisturized skin but rinsed clean without any oily residue on you or your shower. After several formulas and a lot of product testing we unveiled our Vitamin C Body Polish, a rinse-able polish like no other!

It features an ultra-concentrated combination of Vitamin C Ester, aloe, shea and raw, organic sugar crystals to deeply exfoliate and hydrate your skin, resulting in dewy skin with a luminous luster!

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