Our Favorite Organic Black Teas!

This is a new product for us here at My Beautiful Daughters, but it is not new to me and my family. We really enjoy the organic tea offerings from Choice Organic Teas. Here we have picked out our three favorites for you to enjoy!

Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, & Breakfast Blend.

About Choice Organic Teas:

A firm belief in organics, with a dedication to ensure the ethical treatment of workers who cultivate tea, and a team of dedicated employees at Choice Organic Teas, has made the company a modern day tea pioneer.

A brand of Granum, Inc. of Seattle, WA, Choice Organic Teas made its debut in 1989 as an outgrowth of the company founder, Blake Rankin’s active involvement in the organic marketplace.

As North America’s #1 selling exclusively certified organic tea line, we have promoted the growth and development of organic agriculture in tea estates worldwide.

In 2000, Choice Organic Teas became the first tea crafter in the United States to offer Fair Trade Certified™ tea. Today, we proudly offer more varieties of Fair Trade Certified tea than any other tea company in North America, expanding awareness of a just form of trade with the developing world.

Choice Organic Teas are manufactured in a certified organic facility where Green-e Certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind power are purchased to offset 100 percent of the facility’s electricity.

And finally, we can’t help but remind you that our organic teas taste pretty amazing too.

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