Never to Early - Our Spring Cleansing Ritual

A new season is upon us, and it is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Dive into those closets and cupboards and rid yourself of clutter, but don’t forget your skin, which can use a spring cleaning of its very own! Our skin endures a lot when the seasons change, and hitting the reset button feels oh-so-good.

One Love Organics is they way wek get out 'spring cleaning' started!

Start by removing your makeup with our Vitamin B Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. Start with clean, dry hands and apply 1-2 pumps to fingertips and gently massage onto dry skin in circular motions for 30 to 60 seconds. To further emulsify oil, add a small amount of warm water and continue to massage on the face to break down makeup and impurities. Rinse well with warm water and blot dry. If you’d like maximum cleansing, smoothing, and softening benefits, use with the Konjac Cleansing Sponge.

Next, apply Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque to face, neck and decollete. Simply pour a quarter-sized amount into wet hands, rub hands together to activate the powder and create a creamy paste. Add drops of additional water as necessary. Massage into damp skin using circular motions, avoiding the eye area. While wearing the Brand New Day Masque, step into a warm, steamy shower. The warm (not hot!) water helps to open up your pores for a more effective exfoliation treatment.

While you’re enjoying the shower, take time to massage Vitamin C Body Scrub into damp skin using circular motions, paying special attention to dry areas such as upper arms, knees, heels, elbows, hands and cuticles. Rinse both your face and body well.

Pat dry with a clean, fresh towel. While skin is damp, apply Vitamin C Body Oil to body and Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum (best for dry, dull skin) or Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum (best for normal, oily or congested skin) to face.

Now, put on something comfortable and curl up with a cup of tea. Spring is nearly here and you (and your skin) are so ready for it!

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