8 Days of Awesome Women: Day Two - Gloria Barghi, Born Skincare

Think Dirty® is a project born out of a personal journey to understand the truths in the beauty industry.

In their special feature - 8 Days of Awesome Women - they highlight the founder of Born Skincare Gloria Barghi and give you her story behind her Skincare Line:

The manner in which changes are handled reflect one’s character. When life throws curveballs, Gloria Barghi spikes them back. The creation of Born Skincare was more than just a skincare line, it was the rebirth of her outlook on life. Gloria’s new outlook followed her brother’s battle with cancer. The long and hard journey which changed her family’s life, awakened her awareness of sneaky toxins in anything which once went unnoticed, including personal care products.

Born Skincare became a mission, a passion, and a resource to improve lives. She didn’t just want to create another organic skincare line. Gloria wanted to educate, change, and innovate a line that people could trust to be safe and work effectively. Strength to face the trials, courage to acknowledge the battle, and a deep love for life to take the bad and turn it into a triumph. These are just some of reasons we think this individual is beautiful, as she continues to swing at harmful disruptions on her daily mission to fight cancer.

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