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4 best portable oxygen concentrators in India

Have you been looking for the best portable oxygen concentrator in India for your long-term oxygen therapy?

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 portable oxygen concentrator models that are worth considering. If you want further information about their price or want to find their dealers, you can read our detailed write up on the best portable oxygen concentrators in India.

Philips Simply Go Mini: The first portable concentrator on our list is the smallest and most compact model produced by the brand Philips Respironics. This 2.30 Kg concentrator can deliver oxygen from 1-5 pulse flow setting which is equivalent to 5 LPM.  It provides a battery backup of 4.5 hours at 2 pulse settings and the additional battery can work up to 9 hours. The device is FAA approved which means it is safe to carry it in an airplane.

Inogen G5: Inogen is a brand that is associated with manufacturing premium and top-notch quality oxygen concentrators. That is why they are slightly overpriced in India. Being the latest addition to the brand, Inogen G5 is an upgraded version of its previous portable oxygen concentrator models.

It is a 2.16 Kg machine that can dispense oxygen upto 6 pulse flow settings. It provides a battery backup of up to 6.50 hours at 2 pulse settings. If you buy an additional battery along with the machine then it will provide an extra battery backup of 13 hours. If we look in terms of specifications such as flow settings, battery backup and weight then it outperforms Philips Simply Go Mini. This portable oxygen concentrator is also FAA approved.

SeQuel Eclipse 5: This is the most innovative and unique portable oxygen concentrator as it can offer more dosage than any of its competitors. It supplies oxygen at up to 9 flow settings. In addition to this, it can also deliver oxygen in continuous flow mode at up to 3 LPM.

It weighs 8.30 Kgs which makes it a bit problematic to carry it while travelling. It comes on a roller cart as it cannot be carried in a backpack due to its heavyweight. It provides a battery backup of up to 5.40 hours. Despite weighing more than its competitors, it is the most reliable machine due to its high oxygen output.

Philips Simply Go: Very few companies in the world manufacture portable oxygen concentrators that deliver oxygen in both pulse and continuous flow mode, and Philips Simply Go is one of them. It weighs 4.50 Kgs and it supplies oxygen from 1-6 flow setting in pulse mode and up to 2 LPM in continuous mode. Almost all the portable oxygen concentrators come with an external filter that requires regular cleaning but Phipis Simply Go comes with filters that are fitted internally. Because of all these features, it is the best portable oxygen concentrator in India.

The machine can provide battery backup up to 3 hours at 2 pulse settings and is FAA approved.

That marks the end of this article. If you wish to know more about them, you can read the write up on the best portable oxygen concentrators in India.

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