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Wisdom Tooth Removal

The eruption of the wisdom tooth is evident for most people. However, the eruption of the wisdom tooth causes pain to some people. It also causes problems during its growing phase. So, most dentist’s advices for the removal of the wisdom tooth. However, there are exceptions where dentists do not advice for removal when it is not giving pain or other complexity.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molar and they are the last set of permanent teeth that erupt in an individual. Generally, the eruption of these teeth starts between 16 to 23 years of age.

If the eruption of the wisdom teeth is proper then it can be a better asset. However, in most cases, the eruption and the growth of the wisdom teeth are painful making it important for its removal.

What are the problems caused due to wisdom teeth?

If the wisdom tooth erupts and grows properly then there is no problem for the individual. However, in most cases, the eruption and growth of the wisdom tooth are painful.

Here are some problems caused due to wisdom teeth:

– The problem here is that wisdom teeth are larger in the size that causes pain in the gums during their eruption.

– During the growing phase of the wisdom tooth, it exerts pressure on the other neighbouring tooth causing a painful experience.

– The misaligned position of the jaws also causes pain to the wisdom tooth.

– If a person has weak gums then the eruption and growth of the wisdom tooth will cause pain

What procedure is followed during the removal of the wisdom tooth?

While removing the wisdom tooth, the dentist mumbai will go ahead with the standard procedure. Initially, an evaluation of the oral condition and the wisdom tooth will be done. Generally, X-rays are taken during the evaluation process. After properly evaluating, the dentist will give an appointment for the removal of the wisdom tooth. Local anesthesia will be given to make the portion near the wisdom tooth area numb. After ensuring that the area is numb, the dentist will use the proper dental apparatus and pluck the wisdom tooth cautiously. If there are complications while removing the wisdom tooth, a small surgery might be required. There will be some bleeding after the removal of the tooth, so the dentist will put the cotton ball in the area to control it.

What is the after-care to be taken after the wisdom tooth removal?

It will be a little painful for a few days after the removal of the wisdom tooth. So, some after-care is recommended by the good dentist near me to avoid complications and make the healing process faster.

Do’s after the wisdom tooth removal for a few days:

– Applying ice-cube from the outer portion to the tooth removal area

– Opening and closing the mouth slowly as part of jaw exercise

– Eating soft foods like rice, cakes, soups, ice-cream, etc.

– Drinking most fluids like juices, milk, etc.

– Taking the medications as prescribed by the dental expert

– Brushing teeth gently ensures that the brush does not touch the area where the wisdom tooth is removed

– Visit the dentist, if the pain is more and persists for a longer duration

Don’t after the wisdom tooth removal for a few days:

– Do not rinse the mouth for two days after the wisdom tooth removal

– Do not spit anything from your mouth

– Do not suck any fluid through a straw or other ways

– Do not eat crunchy, hard, or sticky food items that may hurt the wounds

– Do not have tobacco chewing or smoking

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

Generally, most dentists give local anesthesia due to which the pain is reduced. However, as this is the most complex tooth, some amount of pain is experienced by the people. Some pain is also experienced for two to four days after the removal of the wisdom tooth.

Can I wait longer for the wisdom tooth removal?

You can wait for a few days for the removal days if you do not get a holiday for rest after the removal of the wisdom tooth. However, if you wait for a longer duration then it may cause an infection in the tooth or nearby region.

What is the cost of wisdom tooth removal?

Generally, the cost of the wisdom tooth starts from Rs.3,000/- onwards in India. The cost will increase if there is the requirement of small surgery or other complexities. The cost also depends on the factors like a dental service provider, location, and a few other factors.

Whether to remove the wisdom tooth or not will depend on the advice given by the dentist after examining it. Generally, the dentist will advise the removal of a wisdom teeth if it is painful that can help to restore your oral health.

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